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RIP, Nipples the Cat

a kindly review of WolfCop
by David Clemmer

So-bad-it’s-good movies never have resonated with me unless there was a guy sitting with his two robots at the bottom of the screen, but I’ve always wanted that resonance. I see movie posters of things so high-concept and schlocky that I want to see them, but I rarely ever do. When WolfCop popped up ‘Popular on Netflix,’ I added it to my list immediately but thought I’d never watch it.

Then, like a wolf penis growing through a human penis, the desire to watch something bad burst through my penis. Head. My head-head, not my… Where’s the RESTART button on this review?

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Episode 30: Hungry Like A Wolf Cop (Wolf Cop)

Look in a fuckin D&D book man, a brownie is like a fuckin faerie man

To celebrate our big 30, we crammed another exciting man into the studio today. Our good friend, and professional actor, Gavin Douglas joins us to talk wolf dicks, death scenes, and fantasy racial slurs!

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