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On Weakness and Laser Swords

This isn’t a review; it’s a rant. And, yeah, of course it’s related to Star WarsStar Wars is a big important thing in the world again, and everyone either loves it or talks about it anyway—and so I, too, must talk about it some more.

There has been a specific aspect of the movie that has been subject to incredibly pedantic censure, and I feel the need to comment on it. At length. At great length. Probably with some five-dollar words. And, if we’re lucky, an air of superiority. Thus I bring you:

On Weakness and Laser Swords

a kindly justification for the Rey/Finn vs. Kylo Ren lightsaber fight

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Episode 56: Star Boars The Pork n’ Bacons (The Force Awakens)

We don’t have time for one of your trademark wrestling tangents! 

We are so excited about this episode! Our movie reviewer David Clemmer joins us to record our pre movie thoughts and our post Star wars reactions! Check it out!

Episode 34: Ant Mayonnaise (Ant Man)

The more you eat the bigger dick you’ll have

Sweep your crumbs! The Ant Man cometh! The guys get into some serious science in this episode like the genealogical history of Jason’s ‘latin fire’ and the relationship between body fat and dick fat. Also there’s some sweet trailers and stuff.

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Episode 33: Fat-assins (Assassins)

He’s buying so many boats, and I’m so happy that he has all those boats

This week is all about comic con! Join the guys as they break down all the big movie announcements and trailers from this years comic con. They also get seriously into Stallone and his glasses in this weeks movie, Assassins.


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Episode 21: Hangry Max (Mad Max)

The older you get, as a cool man, the smaller your glasses get

This week the guys get overwhelmed by blockbuster trailers, meet a bee named Micheal, and relive the 70’s glory of Mad Max.

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Episode 2: Jordy and Glump in the Morning (Escape Plan)

The darker Turner and Hooch.

Today the guys chew on the most recent, juicy, action news including: Breaking down exciting new trailers, looking at recently revealed casting for upcoming blockbusters, and the merits of sending a Terminator back  to cave man times. Also, Jason sucks at more trivia, and the guys get into the sub-genre of buddy action movies.

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