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Are We Still Friends?

Are We Still Friends?
Earth’s Most Numerous Instances of Things Happening™
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Donut Prison Blues

a kindly review of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War
by David Clemmer

I am, at this moment, going to tell you what happened to you. You were sitting in, like, a big room with a bunch of comfyish chairs shoveling bad food into your mouth, and you and all the other people in the big room were staring at lights organizing themselves to represent moving pictures on a big wall at the other end of the room. Before the really long moving picture, you watched a bunch of really short moving pictures that gave little exciting glimpses of long moving pictures that are coming out in the future. One of them caught your interest: Captain America and Iron Man punching each other, and oh, there is Spider Man; there he is.

You said to yourself, I am going to see this movie.

Am I creeping you out yet? That’s fine. Go to sleep.

You said that to yourself—or maybe to someone else in the big room with chairs, whether you knew them or not—because you like superhero movies. Or, specifically, the milestones of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because, by this point, you’re aboard the Marvel train and you’re going to the end of the line with the rest of us.

Worry not, friends: Marvel didn’t start sucking, by any means. If you liked the previous Marvel movies, you shall like this one.  So, if that’s all you need, I’ll just be on my way.

Well, unless you want to hear why it’s going to go down as just another Marvel movie.

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Episode 76: Captain Americone: Caramel Core (Civil War)

Amateur audio fuckwads messing with some knobs

Forget BvS (if you haven’t already) because the real start of the summer blockbuster season just began! Also Robbie surprises Jason with a rare blast from the past.

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