On Weakness and Laser Swords

This isn’t a review; it’s a rant. And, yeah, of course it’s related to Star WarsStar Wars is a big important thing in the world again, and everyone either loves it or talks about it anyway—and so I, too, must talk about it some more.

There has been a specific aspect of the movie that has been subject to incredibly pedantic censure, and I feel the need to comment on it. At length. At great length. Probably with some five-dollar words. And, if we’re lucky, an air of superiority. Thus I bring you:

On Weakness and Laser Swords

a kindly justification for the Rey/Finn vs. Kylo Ren lightsaber fight

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New Terminator movie? Young Arnold v old Arnold? Madness! I can’t tell if I am upset or excited. I mean, who wouldn’t love to watch some Arnold on Arnold action? Right? Anyone?