Episode 156: Loud Marinade(Proud Mary)

He says he is Wolverine but he knows he is Beast

Proud Mary tried to make its mark in the action verse this week. Can it hang with Atomic Blonde and John Wick? Or does it fail to make us proud? Tune in!

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Episode 151: Eatin Hock (24 Hours to Live)

I should talk to a therapist about aloooot of shit but Air Bud is pretty low on the list.

Straight to DVD action movie called 24 Hours to Live? How can this possibly be good? TUNE IN!

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Episode 148: Just A Leek (Justice League)

“It get’s soggy but if you eat as fast as I do that’s never a problem”

During this time of year when we give thanks, we’d like to thank alcohol for helping us through the dark times that were Justice League. We had to have two therapy sessions to talk through this one, one drunk and one sober, and we’ve included both for you in hopes that it may help you through these dark times as well. Also we killed the news turkey, sorry.

Episode 145: Ballin’ Cheese Block and Flight of Wine (Brawl in Cellblock 99)

“There’s a couple of you out there that know about my mom’s sack and it is GOOD!”

The fat boys finally escaped that haunted mansion and are back on the ol’ couch! To get away from all those dark, tense horror movies they watched a dark, tense, dramatic prison film! They also take a trip back to the good ol’ days when popular artists made mostly bad original songs for movies in the movie theme jame.