Two fat guys, one couch, and a gallon of imitation testosterone.

If you love explosions, can recite at least five Arnold Schwarzenegger one liners, and think you know proper self-defense techniques because of the amount of Jackie Chan movies you’ve seen, then you’ve come to the right place. Join Jason and Robbie as they dig into current action movie news headlines, review both new action flicks and older classics, test their action hero knowledge with unique games, and more. From First Blood to Last Action Hero, delve into the best, and worst, of the world of over the top action.


Wait a minute, who the hell are Jason and Robbie?


1987, the year of The Predator.

Though Jason was born in California, and Robbie in Idaho, your two rotund hosts spent their childhoods in very similar fashions. Both relishing in their rapid, horizontal growth spurts and using this power to destroy their slimmer, more asthmatic friends your hosts were at the top of their game. The 90’s were a very special time to be a young impressionable lad. Not only did they have their fathers VHS tapes of 80’s classics like Commando and Bloodsport, they were the perfect age to take in all of the 90’s action movie glory. Terminator 2 and Point Break 1991, Speed 1994, The Rock 96’, Faceoff and Con Air 97’, the list goes on and on.

Now that Robbie and Jason are fully grown man children, they decided to create a podcast to represent all of the 90’s kids that were forged in the same sweaty fires that they were. They wanted to discuss the things they liked to consume. Movies, T.V. shows, games, books, and anything else that may come up. If you enjoy action movies and still think farts are funny, then pull up some couch and join the conversation.