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RIP, Nipples the Cat

a kindly review of WolfCop
by David Clemmer

So-bad-it’s-good movies never have resonated with me unless there was a guy sitting with his two robots at the bottom of the screen, but I’ve always wanted that resonance. I see movie posters of things so high-concept and schlocky that I want to see them, but I rarely ever do. When WolfCop popped up ‘Popular on Netflix,’ I added it to my list immediately but thought I’d never watch it.

Then, like a wolf penis growing through a human penis, the desire to watch something bad burst through my penis. Head. My head-head, not my… Where’s the RESTART button on this review?

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Episode 30: Hungry Like A Wolf Cop (Wolf Cop)

Look in a fuckin D&D book man, a brownie is like a fuckin faerie man

To celebrate our big 30, we crammed another exciting man into the studio today. Our good friend, and professional actor, Gavin Douglas joins us to talk wolf dicks, death scenes, and fantasy racial slurs!

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New Management

New Management
Must Go Faster
Avengers 3: Blast From the Past

a kindly review of Jurassic World
by David Clemmer

I’ll explain that tertiary title in a bit. It’s a little spoilery.

I say, ‘a little spoilery’ because by 2015 most moviegoers know what to expect from a Jurassic Park movie (even if they don’t watch the standard of over-expository trailers). You know that there are going to be five things: dinosaurs behaving as expected by eating goats and being animals, the management of whatever mission the characters on behaving as expected by having secret agendas and being animals, dino-fights, chase sequences, and John Williams behaving as expected and being an animal.

I’m not sure what happened at the end of that paragraph either. It’s okay. Just buckle your seatbelt, sit back, and take in the sights. (Oh god, you’re thinking, he’s doing a thing.)


(Please stop. No.)

…to Jurassic World.

(You had to, didn’t you.)

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Episode 29: Jurassic Pork (Jurassic World)

Hoping to gain fame, money, a place in history, and an opportunity to put a 400lb guy like me on the cultural map… and chicken would be nice.

Last week the guys found out that they can record in a fully functioning sauna and it turns out they like it so much that they’re doing it again! Tune in for more gay superzeroes, a lively conversation about Jurassic World and lots, and lots of sweat talk!

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Episode 28: Pounds of Flesh (Pound of Flesh)

Get out of my Star Wars Town, you dirty hairy Wookwok

This week, the guys get Star Wars racist, connect with a Phat super hero, and get their hearts broken by JCVD.

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Episode 27: House Special Kung Fury (Kung Fury)

Easy, The Donkey, let Hamhock do the snorts. Oink, oink.

This week the guys take a trip to the land of low budget films with a fan made Predator movie and the ode to the 80’s Kung Fury. Also they learn about the mysteries of a stoner booger.

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