Monthly Archives: March 2015

Episode 16: Maximum Consumption (Maximum Conviction)

You’ll never guess how many ping-pong balls fit in Extraño

This week the guys have mixed feelings about their childhood role models, discover the single most offensive comic book villain, and fall in love with a homosexual illusionist.

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Episode 15: Chunky (Chappie)

It’s like oatmeal, yeah I know its great – its a perfect thing, but I still hate it

This week the guys learn about yet another shitty super hero, get South African on Chappie, and have their lives changed by some IMDB keywords.

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Episode 14: Fart Fuel (Wyrmwood)

So he’s drawing his powers from Pokemon and professional wrestlers?

This week the guys discuss the in’s and out’s of combustible farts, learn about the Sorcerer Supreme, and maybe, or maybe not, have technical difficulties. No one is sure.

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