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Episode 13: 2 Fat 2 Furious 6 (Furious 6)

Those Jamaican guys only learned to bobsled because there was some drunk Canadian living in Jamaica

This week the guys break down the Oscars, figure out that the Olympics are bullshit, and experience the nos fueled thrill that is Vin Diesel flying through the sky.

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Manners Maketh Man

Manners Maketh Man
It’s Not That Kind of Movie
Brad Pitt Ate My Sandwich

David Clemmer

A preface: something I just learned from reading Wikipedia. Ay kay ay: A Modest LOL

I didn’t know until tonight that Kingsman: The Secret Service was based on a comic book. Well aware though I am of the pulsing groan of a thousand snobs echoing across the nation as I typed that sentence, I care not one bit. However, I read the Wikipedia article about the comic, and learned something cute.

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Episode 12: Colin Girth (Kingsman: The Secret Service)

He’s an incredibly limber man that shoots bows

This week the guys crack the code on how super heroes get their names, Robbie eats a chocolate nut, and the they lose their minds over the hyper-violent and equally suave Kingsman.

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Episode 11: Jason Steakham (Wild Card)

Keaunstintine Reeves

Today the guys play the IMDB keyword game and its a…bounty…of fun, the guys discover a conspiracy revolving around the movie Wild Card, and talk about whats wrong with action movies today.

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Episode 10: Salsa Hayek (Everly)

I’ll be wearing a poncho when I’m 28

This week, Robbie reports on sleeping with Jeff Bridges, Jason rants about the rampant sexism of Fox News, and they both dissect the madness that is Everly.

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