Episode 109: Vast Meal Day (Bastille Day/The Take)

I’ve come full circle in my excitement, to where I’m calm again

So many superbowl trailers to talk about. Also, we get deep into the clothes line power of Idris Elba. GET WITH IT LARGE ONES.

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Episode 107: XXXL (xXx: The Return of Xander Cage)

Why is his head so god damn big?

Finally the couch is full again! We are back and fatter then ever. This week the guys fail at catching you up on all the big movie news of the past few weeks, but they sure as hell don’t fail to see xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Yup. He’s back.

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Episode 106: Ragu Bun (Rogue One)

The Winter Solider wants to be The Misfits of the Marvel Universe but he’s really just AFI

Two of our brave warriors finally made it to the top of the tower to broadcast out this most important podcast episode. Brave, honorable men gave their lives so you could listen to Robbie and David go on about important topics like the cast of Sahara and how Ryan Gosling’s future jacket game is so goddamn on point. Listen, for the fate of the rebellion.

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Episode 105: Strong Swiss Delight (Long Kiss Goodnight)

If it’s a Baldwin I’ll kick you in the face

Happy holidays! We kick in the holiday season with a timeless classic. We also finally answer the biggest question anyone has about West World: What does that Wolf Brand chili really taste like?

Episode 104: DQter (Shooter)

I bet I could show you a casserole you didn’t know was a casserole

The boys are still trapped in the basement this week as they bring you an unexpected treat after the movie they decided to watch turned out to be unwatchable.

Episode 103: Fat Idiot Bodyguard (The Last King & The Bodyguard):

Double dads!

This week Jason rolls back onto the couch and joins David and Robbie for a straight top Netflix double feature! How much do you guys like ice cream and farts?

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Episode 102: We’re Back (Fat)!

Barack Obama needs to Mrs. Doubtfire the White House for the next 4 years

If you woke up last Thursday crying because there was no new podcast in your feed then you can finally dry your tears, because must like the Terminator, we will never stop. We will never leave you, and we will never hurt you, never shout at you, or get drunk and hit you, or say we’re too busy to spend time with you. We will always be there. And we would die, to protect you.

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